Vision Business now Doing Business as EATEL Business

EATELCORP LLC, DBA EATEL Business, Changes Name of its Subsidiary

LaRose, LA – April 30, 2017– The company formerly known as Vision Business Communications announces that is now doing business as EATEL Business. This change will apply to its full brand of business products and services.

EATEL Business is the trade name for the business segment of EATELCORP LLC. The renaming of Vision Business is one part of an overall 2017 EATEL Business marketing strategy that seeks to reinforce the company’s reputation for service quality and innovation. Other components of the strategy include a new website, expanded product portfolio and a larger network.

“The name change represents an evolution of our brand and a step forward for the company,” says Sarah Ganong, Marketing Director for EATEL Business. “2017 will be an exciting year for us, as we expand our fiber networks, roll out a new website, and tap into new markets.”

Recently, EATELCORP LLC has been consolidating its business brand by renaming its business-services subsidiaries. In March 2016, the subsidiary Venyu Solutions, LLC —formerly a data center and IT services provider—is also now doing business as EATEL Business.

The change will apply to all Visions Business Communications assets and communications, including contracts and marketing materials. Bill statements, however, will not change. Finally, the newly renamed company will have a new website,, which will launch in 2017.

The residential telecom segment of the company-in-transition, called Vision Communications, will keep its original name.


About EATEL Business

EATEL Business is a Louisiana-based provider of data solutions, telecom services, and managed IT. What sets EATEL Business apart is high quality of service and its position as both a telecom services provider as well as an IT partner. The family-owned company is more than 80 years old, has established hundreds of miles of fiber network, and operates three data centers in Louisiana.


EATEL was the first company in Louisiana to provide phone, Internet and TV over an all-fiber network that offers a broad array of integrated digital services. Founded in 1935, EATEL is currently in its 81st year as a service provider and business leader in Ascension and Livingston Parishes.