The EATEL Business 2019 IT Budget Guide


IT Spending is Booming . . . Is Your Budget Ready for 2019? 

A strong economy and recent tax breaks have fueled an IT expansion that's here to stay. Now is the perfect time to advance your strategic priorities and grow the business with a killer IT budget. 

The 2019 IT Business Guide has everything you need to write a better budget in less time, including: 

  • A budget cheat sheet that lists common IT budget line-items 

  • Analyses of IT spending by industry, company size, and expense category 

  • Overview of 2019 IT budget trends and technologies 

  • 10 pages of original content and data visualization 

Spurred by tax breaks and favorable economic conditions, businesses will likely depend on their IT leaders more than ever to advance in the technology arms race in 2019. Write a killer budget now and reap the benefits all next year and beyond.  


The EATEL Business 2019 IT Budget Guide


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