Onsite Data Center vs. Colocation: A 6-Point Cost Analysis

For most people, a determining factor when deciding whether to maintain or build an onsite data center or to move into a collocated environment is cost savings,. Therefore, it is important to know the true operating cost of onsite infrastructure before price shopping. There are six main operating expenses where colocation frequently lowers costs, which are listed below Included are...

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Five Steps to a Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan

Disasters are a matter of “when,” not “if.” This may sound like a scare tactic, but the truth is that having a data backup and DR plan is a necessity in an unpredictable world.   To develop a data backup and DR plan, use a phased approach and cover all the bases. Completing the plan will involve high-level prioritization, research, and vendor selection, so block off the proper...

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The Colocation Provider Checklist

There are lots of decisions to make when exploring colocation options, especially when it comes to selecting the right colocation provider.  When shopping for data centers, there are many factors to consider, including: Physical location. What is the travel time to the data center? Is it above sea level? Service quality. What is the provider’s philosophy on service? ...

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EATEL Business Expands Staff in Baton Rouge With Five New Hires

Baton Rouge, LA – February 6, 2017– Today, EATEL Business—a provider of data management, business telecom, and IT services—announces the hiring of five new positions in its Baton Rouge-based office. The positions will help EATEL Business improve the quality of service by creating new support, engineering, and customer-facing positions. Among the new hires is Channel Account Manager ...

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What is Disaster Recovery?

This is Part Two of our Cost-Effective Disaster Recovery series. To read the full data backup and disaster recovery white paper, click here.  By now, you've heard of data backup. Since backed-up data is of little use if there is no system in place to use it, DR steps in to fill the gap.  Disaster recovery plans will be different for most every business, mainly in that most...

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The Difference Between Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

This is Part One of our Cost-Effective Disaster Recovery series. To read the full data backup and disaster recovery white paper, click here.  Data backup/protection and DR are two often-confused concepts, but understanding the difference is a simple matter.  Essentially, data backup/protection most often refers to files stored on a secure device, while DR refers to restoring IT...

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