10 Tips to Get Started Working From Home

In this age of technology, we can enable people to communicate remotely with ease. But the technology is the easy part. Let’s consider the human element, and make sure we set ourselves up for success.

We’ve scoured Twitter and rounded up our top 10 tips from work-from-home pros. In no particular order, here they are:

1.   Get in the Right Mindset. Home Office = Virtual Office

Get in the right frame of mind. Consider your home office as your virtual office. You don’t have to wear pants, but you do have to be productive. Imagine you are in an office and not at home, the only difference is you are communicating virtually instead of in person. It’s not such a big change, it’s just the way you perceive it.

2.   Setup a Workstation:

Set yourself up for success. Designate an area where you can feel comfortable and fight distractions. Make it look like your workplace to feel more connected. If you haven’t set up a proper workstation at home, you would miss the regular working environment. Working from your couch or kitchen table is not ideal for productivity. Make sure to include a desktop, a good chair, a strong internet connection (like symmetrical GIG from EATEL ), power source, video camera (if not built into your laptop) and a headset. Pro Tip: include natural light so you look good on camera.  

3.   Establish Your WorkSpace:

To minimize distractions by family, kids, pets, roommates or others, define your workspace so you can get things done without disturbing others or being disturbed. A dedicated room or area will help you get in the work mindset and boost your productivity as well.

4.   Use Technology like Zoom Meetings to Virtually Meet your Team Regularly:

Stay connected to your team with technology, tools like Zoom Meetings (also available from EATEL Business) will help you collaborate effectively and stay bonded.

5.   Use Nature to Nurture Productivity

Get plenty of natural light. A study conducted by Future Workplace found that natural light enhances mood, improves mental health, supports vision, encourages creativity and makes it easier to concentrate. If you can set your home office up in an area with large windows, it’s worth doing. Let the light in!

6.   Make the Right Impression with Virtual Backgrounds

I’ve seen some pretty interesting virtual backgrounds on twitter and I know many of you are capable of great things with a green screen, but if you want to keep it professional Zoom Meetings has a selection of virtual backgrounds for your video conferences to boost your confidence and credibility instantly. You can choose from private offices, shared workspaces, boardrooms, public spaces, skylines and more.

7.   Go Outside

Take a walk, get some fresh air, change your scenery. Don’t stay locked in the same position all day. Sitting is terrible for your health. With no meeting rooms to run to and from or a water cooler to visit to gossip with your coworkers, you need to make a conscious effort to move. Get up and get out, it will help to break up the day.

8.   Prep Your Snacks

It’s a lot easier to snack at home than at the office, and a walk to the pantry and back is a great way to procrastinate. You’ll find yourself snacking more often than you’d think, so make sure to have something healthy on hand.

9.   To-Do lists and Calendar Blockers

More than the workplace, making to-do lists and calendar blocking is important when you are working from home. That’s because you are all by yourself and have more responsibilities on your shoulders. So, ideally, your day should start with reviewing your to-do list and marking your tasks of the day on the calendar. This will help you stay focused and work more purposefully.

10. Shut it Down

Since you don’t have a commute or traffic to fight, it’s easy to lose track and just keep working. You need clear separation between work and life. Don’t forget your work/life balance and try to separate the two or you will burn out. Maybe find a gym class or extracurricular that you have to leave the house for at a certain time every day and let that be your stopping point.