EME Company Manufactures Worldwide Growth Potential with EATEL Business

The Client


“Quality products, every time,” is a motto of EME Company, a Louisiana-based manufacturer of medical textiles and equipment.

After 34 years, EME still produces innovative products used in sensitive medical situations, such as in infant care, EKG operation, and general hospital use. Roughly 75 percent of EME’s revenue comes from manufacturing, 95 percent of which originates from outside of Louisiana.


But no matter where the business comes from, EME always provides the highest quality, personable service.


“In our business, our customers don't get a machine when they call us,” says Cydney Severio, General Manager at EME Company. “They actually get a human being and that's been important for our business.”


The company produces millions of medical supply units, including ice bags, pouches, cardiology kits, and maternal care items, and hopes to become a world leader in its niche. This is a realistic ambition, considering both EME’s growth history as well as the forecasted market expansion of medical products (1,000-percent growth in the next five years).  



The Challenge


EME was facing two challenges: the ongoing need to maintain the highest levels of customer service, and a time-sensitive physical move to a new headquarters just outside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


The company’s new 33,500 sq. ft. headquarters in Prairieville, LA, costed more than $10 million dollars and had to be ready for increasingly higher volumes of out-of-state business. This would require a new phone system and equipment for the company’s call center and staff, and high-speed fiber internet connection for the entire office. Further, since EME had to stay positioned for exponential growth, it needed systems that could ramp up easily and not be a drain on IT resources.


However, it did not seem like EME’s previous provider could grow with the company.


“We had some problems with the previous Internet company,” says Cydney. “Basically, we had issues with the Internet being down randomly, and we were constantly calling for help.”


This a serious issue, especially since EME relies so heavily on the Internet to reach its customers.


“We use a lot of marketing tools on our end,” says Cydney. “We use our website, we use YouTube, we use LinkedIn, Twitter. All of this requires an Internet service, every bit of it.”


The Solution


Not wanting to continue its relationship with its current communications provider, Cydney and her team decided to leverage the headquarters move as an opportunity to start fresh with a new partner. They had heard that EATEL Business established an extensive fiber network in the area, and that the company had an excellent reputation for service.


“We felt like EATEL serviced the Prairieville area a little better than the provider that we had,” says Cydney. “Basically, the cost was exactly the same. It was just a matter of who we might prefer to work with and it just seemed like EATEL would be more accessible.”


The discovery phase of the project was thorough; EATEL Business had three meetings with us before even submitting a proposal. The EATEL team wanted to ensure that they fully understood EME’s challenge and could provide a solution that would ensure satisfaction.


Ultimately, EATEL Business installed a hosted phone solution for 19 phones, including a small call center that uses one hunt group. Also, a fiber connection was made to the new building, giving EME access to a high-speed underground optical network for internet.





Now, with EATEL Business, Cydney and her team are ready for long-term growth. More than ever, the EME is poised to adapt to any challenges that emerge, just as it has done for multiple decades.


“The service with EATEL has been very good,” says Cydney. “Our contact, Lyman, has been very attentive. As soon as we email him he responds, and I feel like EATEL does a very good job of working within its own resources there to get someone out here as quickly as possible. Or they at least call and ask us more questions about what we need. I prefer, personally, to work with EATEL. We never get a machine; we really get a person.”


With the hosted phone solution, EME can focus on scaling and tapping into new markets, without having to worry about managing the phone system. Also, the underground fiber network is fast and reliable, and allows EME to do virtual business easier and with less interruption.


Top Four Benefits

  • Improved call-center performance
  • Reduced maintenance costs for phone system
  • Decreased frequency of service interruptions
  • Increased efficiency due to high-speed internet