Four Tips to Help You Succeed in a Marathon and in Business

EATEL Business is a proud sponsor of the 2018 Louisiana Marathon.

Many metaphors are made regarding how running a long race is like running a business. But it’s no coincidence that so many successful business leaders enjoy a long, challenging run.

If you’re going for distance, here’s how you can succeed both on the race course in and in your workplace:


Tip #1:  Prepare for the Worst

A marathon is obviously no morning stroll. It takes months of preparation to reach your chosen running goal. Not only must you be tenacious during the race, but it also pays to prepare in the days coming up to the event. Before the big race, you might want to stuff a fanny pack with energy drinks and eat a few bananas. Feast on carbs the night before to give you lots of energy the following day.

While planning, you should also consider the steps your business is taking to prepare for the long haul. Is your data backed up and secure? How quickly can you recover from a stumble? If you are forced to stop business due to disaster and downtime, how many competitors will pass you up?

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Tip #2: Fast AND Steady Win the Race

As any tortoise can tell you, the race doesn’t always go to the swift. For distance running, pace is more important than pure speed (but speed is important, too).

The best way to keep a reliable running pace is to resist adrenaline urges to burst at intervals, which can wear you down. Most runners falter in the final stretches, shuffling through towards the finish line as competitors whizz by.

The same goes for your business’s pace, which requires not only a fast internet connection, but also a reliable one that keeps your business and network running.

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Tip #3: Don’t Walk a Lap When You Could Run a Mile

If your business is doing well, how do you know if it could be doing even better? Leaders crave challenges, and running a marathon is certainly a brag-worthy accomplishment.

To improve your run times, try adding in new elements to your training routine. Go for a higher speed and quicker tempo runs, not just distance jogs. You might even want to try climbing hills.

To improve your business, consider adopting future-proof technologies that will grow with your company and add agility.

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Tip #4: Get the Right Tools for the Job

While some may scoff at the notion that some new tech gadget could be used to improve run times, we say that technology makes everything better. Here are some tech tools that will help you run.

Serious runners might consider picking up SHFT, wearable pods that detect heartbeat and footfall rhythms and prescribe training routine changes. Alternatively, the new LUMO Run waistband will detect inefficient hip motions, a leading cause of poor running posture. iWatch users can download the Nike Run Club app, which tracks times and provides a social running experience.

But just like in business, too many gadgets and applications can be a counter-productive distraction. This is especially true for communications.

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We’re With You For the Long Run

EATEL Business is committed to your success. The road is long and sometimes grueling, but we’ve got decades of experience at your disposal. If you’ve got a business technology challenge, we’d love to hear about it.