Managed Hosting

Less Management, MORE focus. Let EATEL manage all server patching, monitoring, and backup services 24/7/365 so you can focus on your business.

Managed Hosting

A Customized Consultative Approach to Hosting Solutions


  • Free up internal IT resources –our highly-trained staff of engineers will monitor your system administration and maintenance tasks, and can be authorized to act on your behalf so you can refocus internal IT resources on more business-critical activities.
  • Decrease overall downtime by preventing system-related overloads and incidents.
  • Improve efficiency by maximizing system availability and performance.
  • Peace of mind. Receive a monthly health assessment on your environment.

System Monitoring & Management Services

  • CPU, RAM, disk utilization
  • System and service availability monitoring
  • Operating System event logs
  • Remediation via notifications, or preauthorization to act on your behalf
  • Monthly health assessment on client environment

Managed Patching

  • Automated installation of critical updates, security updates, and OS service packs as approved
  • Emergency/critical vulnerability patching outside of regular patching
  • Remediation of all patching issues

Managed Backup

  • Setup and implementation of daily, weekly, or custom backup schedules
  • Remediation
  • Restores from backups with client approval
  • Weekly backup status reports

Firewall and Security 

EATEL Business firewall services are based on a fully-redundant set of industry-leading platforms, while also being closely integrated with the EATEL Business Virtual Private Network (VPN) service to enable secure access to your applications from anywhere. Our highly-trained staff is on-site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure that your assets are safe and secure, and to provide a timely-response in case of problems.

Managed Hosting Features and Benefits:

  • Fully-redundant and secure infrastructure. Minimize risk by protecting your servers and related IT infrastructure with industry-leading firewall hardware and software. Our firewall platform is configured with fully redundant clusters, further reducing the risk (and related costs) of unscheduled downtime.
  • Managed security updates. As your hosting provider, we fully manage the firewalls, from rule changes to updates, to secure the firewall against the latest threats.
  • Highly scalable. Regardless of whether you have five or fifty servers, our firewall services can provide the highest level of protection for your managed server environment.
  • Integrates with managed VPN service. Our firewall services seamlessly integrate with our managed VPN service, so you can securely connect to your internal IT infrastructure from any internet-enabled location.
  • Minimal technology investment. Our managed firewall solution is designed to minimize your company's up-front and on-going technology investment. EATEL maintains all firewall hardware and software in our data centers to deliver the most secure managed hosting environment.