Managed Cybersecurity

Keep your IT assets safe with an easy, end-to-end solution. Backed by industry-leading Fortinet technology, EATEL Business will provide the dedication, expertise, and technology to make security one less thing for you to worry about.

Why Cybersecurity?

It’s an increasingly hostile internet out there for business. One employee’s click of a mouse can turn a phishing attempt into a full-scale disaster for both you and your customers.

Security is an urgent matter, and establishing a secure business is a long road. Our fully managed solution makes security easy throughout all phases, from implementation to evolution.


  • Leverage a team of experts to achieve your security goals within budget.
  • Secure multiple locations.
  • Next-Generation firewall Solutions.
  • Meet regulations and industry security measures.
  • Managed cybersecurity keeps you up-to-date in rapidly evolving environments.

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Managed Cybersecurity Key Features

All the services you need to stay safe affordably

Custom solutions available. Here’s what we do for you: 

  • Risk assessment—We’ll work with you to understand your security weak points and vulnerabilities prior to installation so that we can limit your security exposure. 
  • Easy configurations – No need to learn a new syntax or interface, or hire someone who does. We’ll make changes for you. 
  • Firmware upgrades—Your firewall stays up-to-date without you having to get involved. No need to read patch notes for each new release. 
  • Hardware monitoring—We’ll constantly watch the status of your managed switches, firewalls, and access points along with other hardware. 
  • Centralized, automated reporting—You’ll get customized, actionable reports that show statistics with 100 percent transparency. 
  • Managed evolution – You won’t have to worry about falling behind in the cybersecurity arms race. We’ll recommend new features as they make sense for your business. 
  • Compliance –Stay in line with the controls and regulations.

The Equipment

EATEL Business offers a managed security product leveraging the Fortinet security equipment. We can install Fortinet in a virtual environment or physically with devices either in one of our local, hardened Data Centers or at your location depending on your needs. With EATEL and Fortinet, you will have visibility into real-time threats to your organization, and consultative support with EATEL engineers as questions arise regarding security prevention. 

At EATEL Business, we know that small and medium-sized business have different IT challenges than larger enterprises, limited IT resources, and budgetary restraints. We can work with you to right-size the firewall services you need to protect your business.

FortiGate | Unified Threat Management

  • Get up and running quickly 
  • Stop attacks before they infiltrate the network 
  • Quickly Resolve issues with one-click drilldown and actions 
  • Select from the widest variety of performance, port, Wi-Fi, and PoE combinations 
  • Manage everything, including networking and security settings, from a single console

FortiAP | Secure Wireless LAN Access Points

  • Add dedicated wireless access points when greater range or signal strength is needed 
  • Extend security to the very edge with integrated security of smart APs 
  • Simplify remote telework with wireless APs that include wired ports

FortiSwitch | Secure Access Switches

  • Add extra switch ports for offices with more employees and network devices 
  • Manage from the FortiGate console 
  • Choose among a wide range of port speeds (1G and 10G) density (8, 24, 32, or 48 ports) and PoE/PoE+ combination

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To help you better secure your business, we’ve compiled a summary of threats, analyzed security trends, and created a practical cybersecurity framework. If you’re a security DIY’er or just looking for easier alternatives, this free guide will be a valuable resource.


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