Hosted Business Phone

MORE ways to answer with EATEL’s hosted unified communications system. With our cloud based technology, receive and make calls directly from your mobile, tablet or laptop device.

Hosted Business Phone

EATEL’s Hosted Business Phone gives you big-business functionality at a small-business price. Hosted Business Phone is a fully-managed, Voice over IP (VoIP) phone system that backs up to EATEL data centers to give businesses a sophisticated, scalable, and highly-functioning hosted unified communications system. EATEL’s Hosted Business Phone is a great alternative to purchasing and managing your own phone equipment to meet your communication needs. EATEL’s Hosted Business Phone is a monthly service with everything you need included—phones, equipment, service, installation, and training.


Benefits of Hosted Business Phone:

  • Big functionality at a small-business price. Business phone systems typically cost thousands of dollars. Hosted Business Phone gives small-to-medium size businesses a sophisticated, scalable, highly-functioning phone system typically only afforded by larger businesses
  • Choose a convenient package that saves you money. Choose from solutions built to meet modern business demands
  • Buy only what you need. As your business grows, Hosted Business Phone grows with you
  • No obsolescence. As new capabilities come available, EATEL will continually upgrade the service to provide you the latest-and greatest capabilities
  • Predictable billing. Monthly service with everything included
  • No large up-front equipment purchase. Everything will be provided by EATEL as part of the monthly service price of Hosted Voice

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Hosted Business Phone Pricing

Our Hosted Business Phone packages come with an IP phone and a feature set designed to meet business needs and save you money.

Additional Features

Accession Communicator for Desktop and Mobile

Accession Communicator is next-generation voice and unified communications for Windows PC, MAC, and mobile device users. Now you can work from anywhere, with all the features you value so much when you're in the office, and all connected to your office phone number. Seamlessly move from device to device, or from cell coverage to Wi-Fi, even in the middle of a call.  [Add the two Quick start guides for Accession here]


Automated Call Distribution (ACD)

This is a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to replace an existing system or to looking add a system as you grow. ACD is integrated with two levels of functionality to meet your automated call distribution needs: basic and premium ACD agent.


CRS (Call Recording Service)

Record, monitor, save, and audit your voice calls.


Voice Operator Panel (VOP)

Voice Operator Panel makes it easy for businesses to deploy a software-based receptionist portal, saving the cost of additional hardware and providing a high level of functionality and usability. It provides switchboard and attendant console functions such that a receptionist can monitor an entire business or group of employees to see who is available, on a call, or away.

Hosted Voice FAQ

What is Hosted Business Phone?

Hosted Business Phone is a fully-managed, Voice over IP (VoIP) phone system that backs up to EATEL data centers to give businesses a sophisticated, scalable, and highly-functioning hosted unified communications system. Eatel’s Hosted Business Phone is a monthly service that includes everything you need—phones, equipment, service, installation, and training.

How reliable is Hosted Business Phone?

Hosted Business Phone is based on Voice over IP (VoIP) that uses your company's data connection to deliver calls to and from your office. Eatel's data network has very high reliability, and Hosted Phone is engineered such that voice traffic always takes priority over more routine data traffic.

In the network, EATEL has implemented Hosted Phone with a redundant design such that if a failure were to occur, backup equipment would take over. The biggest advantage as compared to a traditional phone system set-up is the intelligence for the service resides in the network, not on local equipment. If a natural disaster or event were to happen, EATEL's network-based solution would continue to operate, whereas a phone system at a business location has a greater chance of failing.

How is Hosted Business Phone different than other VoIP services from Skype and Vonage?

Some VoIP providers offer a solution that uses the public internet and is not engineered for optimal performance. Sometimes it works fine, but performance can vary widely based on location, time of day, and the amount of data traffic. In contrast, Eatel’s Hosted Business Phone is a network-based phone system that utilizes Eatel’s managed, secure, and high-performing private IP network. Your traffic is managed and prioritized and is not subject to the same uncontrollable inconsistencies seen in public internet services.

How is the voice quality?

Since Hosted Business Phone is an end-to-end managed solution managed by Eatel, voice quality is comparable to what you're used to today. However, as technologies such as high definition voice emerge, voice quality for services like Hosted Business Phone will be far superior to what you have today.

Will the data traffic in my office affect voice quality?

Hosted Business Phone is a fully managed solution – Eatel ensures voice quality from your phones all the way into the phone network. Eatel’s network prioritizes voice traffic so that no voice always has priority, no matter how much data traffic there is.

How does 911 service work with Hosted Business Phone?

When your company signs up for Hosted Business Phone service, the physical address that you provide to EATEL will be reported to local emergency service personnel when 911 calls are placed. It is important to note that calls from EATEL’s Hosted Phone service to any Enhanced 911 emergency center will report this physical address you provided when the service is initiated, even if the device is moved to another location. If you move phones after the initial installation, you MUST notify EATELof the new physical address, otherwise emergency responders may not reach you.

If my business needs to make changes (or move a phone), do I need to call EATEL?

Hosted Business Phone provides a web portal called CommPortal for both end-users and administrators so that the vast majority of capabilities of the service can be self-managed. Want to make a change to a hunt group or call pickup group? Go into the web portal and make the change. Want to move a phone from one location in the building to another? Simply plug the phone into the wall jack at that location and the phone will boot up with the user's configuration ready to go.

How can I access CommPortal?

The designated administrator of your company may access CommPortal at and end users may access it at

As always, Eatel is ready to serve your business needs and answer inquiries. For assistance, simply call our business customer service at (225) 621-4100.

What kind of support materials are available to Hosted Business Phone customers?

In addition to on-site training, the best and most inclusive source of support material is on Eatel’s  support webpage found at Here, everyone in your company will have access to multiple sources of information, including tutorial videos and user guides. Additionally, EATEL's business representatives are always a phone call away – (225) 621-4100.