Business Hurricane Preparedness

MORE reliability for the unpredictable. Disaster can strike your business at any time. Are you prepared?

Work from anywhere... even during a disaster.

With EATEL’s Hosted Phone, you can work remotely and keep your business up and running, without interruption.

  • Work from anywhere, with all the features you value so much when you're in the office

  • Connect to your office phone number, video conferencing and more from any remote location

  • Seamlessly move from device to device, or from cell coverage to Wi-Fi, even in the middle of a call

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Are you Prepared? Protect your data and systems before disaster strikes.

Quick data recovery in the time of disaster or outage can mean the difference for your business.

  • Download this find a play-by-play guide of what to do when a Hurricane emerges.

  • Easy-to-follow charts, graphics, and narratives will help you create a disaster plan capable of withstanding the strongest of storms.

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