Hosted Business Phone

MORE ways to answer with EATEL’s hosted unified communications system. With our cloud based technology, receive and make calls directly from your mobile, tablet or laptop device.

Hosted Business Phone

EATEL’s Hosted Business Phone gives you big-business functionality at a small-business price. Hosted Business Phone is a fully-managed, Voice over IP (VoIP) phone system that backs up to EATEL data centers to give businesses a sophisticated, scalable, and highly-functioning hosted unified communications system. EATEL’s Hosted Business Phone is a great alternative to purchasing and managing your own phone equipment to meet your communication needs. EATEL’s Hosted Business Phone is a monthly service with everything you need included—phones, equipment, service, installation, and training.


Benefits of Hosted Business Phone:

  • Big functionality at a small-business price. Business phone systems typically cost thousands of dollars. Hosted Business Phone gives small-to-medium size businesses a sophisticated, scalable, highly-functioning phone system typically only afforded by larger businesses.
  • Choose a convenient package that saves you money. Choose from solutions built to meet modern business demands.
  • Buy only what you need. As your business grows, Hosted Business Phone grows with you.
  • No obsolescence. As new capabilities come available, EATEL will continually upgrade the service to provide you the latest-and greatest capabilities.
  • Predictable billing. Monthly service with everything included.
  • No large up-front equipment purchase. Everything will be provided by EATEL as part of the monthly service price of Hosted Voice.

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Hosted Phone Quick Start Guide

Additional Features:

We also offer Local Optional Service (LOS), Conferencing, 24-hour maintenance, inside wire maintenance, directory assistance.

  • Call manager. Mute, transfer, place on hold, record calls (law permitting), and make three-way calls or setup conference calls.
  • Video calling. Upgrade calls to video if calling a person with compatible service.
  • Visual voicemail. Voice messages translated into text; listen, delete, or respond to messages.
  • Conference calling.
  • Chat/Instant messaging.
  • Softphone for PC. Add a headset to your desktop or laptop to make calls from your PC.