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Total access, control and protection of Office 365 data – Powered by Veeam

Office 365 is a powerful office software for the always-on, agile business, but Microsoft does not provide backup of emails, calendar entries, folders, etc. EATEL Business can make sure you never lose access to Office 365 email data for as long as you want.

How does it work?

It's your valuable data, and your responsibility. This backup solution is not only reliable and secure, but quick and convenient. Here’s what Veeam® Backup for Microsoft Office 365 does for you:

  • Insures against accidental deletion. No more unintentionally deleted users across the entire network.
  • Solves retention policy gaps. Retention policies in Office 365 are tricky to keep up with and manage. We’ll store them longer and safer.
  • Secures against internal security threats. Malicious deletions will be protected against with high-grade recovery solutions.
  • Protects against external security threats. Easily restore mailboxes in the event of an attack.
  • Meets legal and compliance requirements. During legal action, you can meet any regulatory or compliance requirement regarding mailbox recovery.

Go a step further with Managed Backups

Office 365 is the ultimate in accessible, always-on office software, and managed backup makes it even simpler. Here’s what services our Managed Veeam® Backup for Office 365 includes:

  • Managed server administration. Includes proactive monitoring, help desk support and self-management options.
  • Cloud server maintenance and patch management. New feature roll-outs will be automatic and problem-free.
  • Backup management and config. Best-practiced deployment and configuration.

Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365

with Veeam's Nick Wichman and Brandon McCoy