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Stay up-to-date with the latest in business and technology with the EATEL Business White Papers. 

Budget Friendly DRaaS: A Road map to Disaster Recovery Peace-of-Mind

Inside the guide, you'll find:

  • A complete roadmap to help you find a DR solution you can actually afford
  • A breakout of cost-killing DR technologies
  • Full explanation of the EATEL Business approach to DRaaS
  • 10 pages of original content about the evolution of DR--where it's been, where it is, and where it's going

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Winning the Cyber War on Small Business: A Guide to Securing the SMB

Learn the threats, understand the technology, and equip yourself with the knowledge to win the cyberwar on business. 

Security is a daunting task, but this paper will give you the essential information to protect against ransomware, viruses, and hackers. The easy-to-follow guide is perfect both for security newcomers and seasoned IT professionals.

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5 Tech Trends That Will Reshape IT in 2018

Inside this guide, you’ll find a roadmap of obstacles and opportunities for 2018, infographic illustrations of statistical trends, and original research. This information will help you to stay fluent on upcoming industry changes, and will help you to prepare for a prosperous year.

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7 Clear Signs You are Ready for Unified Communications

Specifically, here’s what you'll find in this white paper:

  • A communications resource that is skim-able enough to read in single setting yet sufficiently content-rich for deep analysis
  • Infographic explanations of key concepts in UC
  • Recent statistics and research from impartial sources
  • Nine pages of UC-related content— your research is already done for you. 

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IT Hurricane Survival Guide

Here’s what this guide will help you with: 

  • What to do in the days, hours, and minutes before a hurricane hits
  • How to prepare your business at the start of hurricane season
  • How to write a hurricane DR plan
  • How to test the plan
  • Where to spend extra on your DR plan, and where you can skimp and save

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Small Business - Guide to the Cloud

Inside, you’ll find most everything you need to know about the cloud, including:

  • Cloud-benefit breakouts
  • Pitfalls to avoid
  • Cost considerations
  • 2017 cloud-trends discussion
  • Self-assessment questionnaire

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Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

Disaster and data loss will affect every business in time. This guide will help you to ensure that your business is safe. 

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Everything You Need to Know About IT Colocation

Colocation is a big decision that will re-define a company’s IT operations.  If you’re thinking about moving your IT infrastructure to a data center, then you’ve got a lot of due diligence ahead of you.

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